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Hong Kong Visa

 ALL the Chinese visa application forms and supporting documents have to be printed on 1-side "letter" size papers!

The mailing checklist for Hong Kong visa is as below:

  1. Applicant should USE COMPUTER to complete Hong Kong visa application Form 1003A (if you experience some problems of opening the link, you can right click the link, and click "Save as", save it on your computer, then open it offline, it is same for Form 1003B)
  2. Sponsor in Hong Kong (if any) should complete Hong Kong visa application Form 1003B
  3. 2 color passport photos
  4. Original passport
  5. 1 Copy of you passport photo page
  6. Copy of your driver license, if any.
  7. Original or notarized copy of green card with an extra copy (if any)
  8. Copy of the flight itinerary with the applicant’s full name on it
  9. Copy of bank statement for the LAST 3 MONTHs with the applicant’s full name and a balance of $1,000+ (checking or saving account).
  10. Copy of utility bill for the LAST 3 MONTHs with the applicant’s full name and address.
  11. Business letter (if any) issued by the applicant's employing company to confirm his/her proposed business activities: must include applicant's FULL name, time period staying in Hong Kong and the reason.
  12. Invitation letter(if any) issued by a local Hong Kong company or institute to confirm the applicant's attendance.
  13. Order form and payments
Service Type Consulate Fee Our Service Fee Returning Shipping Total Amount
5 business days* $30 $59 $20 $109

2 business days*

$50 $79 $20 $149
Same Day* $60 $99 $20 $179

 * For citizen of certain countries (include but not limited to: VIETNAM, NIGERIA, AFGHANISTAN, CAMBODIA, CUBAGEORGIAIRAN, IRAQ, KOREA (DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF), LAOS, LEBANON, LIBERIA, LIBYA, NEPAL, NICARAGUA, PANAMA, SENEGAL, SUDAN, SYRIA, etc.), the processing time could be 1-3 months, since Chinese Embassy and Consulates can only issue the visa until the HKSAR Immigration Department approve the case.


You can make a Money order/Cashier's check pay to "Wooee Visa", or see more payment methods on the Order form.

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