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1. Chinese Consulate will close on 2014 Oct 1, 2, 3 (Chinese National Day), Nov 27, 28 and Dec 24, 25 for holidays!

2. Indian and Indonesia  Passport holders need interview since May 2014. Please apply China visa IN PERSON.

3. Please check the updated checklist (by click the visa category you need on above pictures) before sending your application! 

    For consulate official announcement, please visit:

4. Since Nov 20th, 2013, the Chinese Consulate requests:
(1) all the Chinese visa application forms and supporting documents have to be printed on 1-side "letter" size papers!
(2) photo has to be less than 6 months!

5. Since Sep 1st, 2013, HAND-WRITING forms are not accepted. All the applicants have to use COMPUTER to complete "Chinese Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China" (v2013)*.

6. SAME DAY & 24 hours Chinese Visa is only possible when you have family member in China under medical condition or for other humanitarian reasons is a Chinese consulate authorized, experienced, fast, and professional China visa / Chinese visa service agent held by Wooee Visa.

We do US passport services, China visa services, China Embassy / China Consulate document authentications, Vietnam Visa for ALL the 50 States. For Brazil Visa, Indian Visa, Russia Visa, and more, please go to

We are 5 minutes away from China Consulate General in Houston, and are very well-known and highly rated for our quality and expedite services for years! All the cases are processed on the Same Day we receive your package, and shipped back on the Same Day we get your passports back from the consulate.

We assisted thousands of individuals, travel agents, universities and schools, companies and organizations annually.

Get the guidance from experts, save your trip to consulates, and call us today!


Service Categories for China Visa / Chinese Visa:

For US citizen (holding US passport)  *For Non-US citizen, please click the service fees here.

China Visa specifications for applying any visa types (China tourist visa "L" "S" "Q", China business visa "F""M", China work visa "Z", China student visa "X", etc.) by US citizen:

Valid Entry Duration of Each Entry
1 year* Multiple 30, 60, 90 days**

*  2 years China visa is ONLY possible for Q2 visa for China born US Citizen AND his/her spouse or kids with the passport validation longer than 2 years and 3 months. More supporting documents5 are needed! 持美国护照中国出生的申请人(及其配偶子女), 如果护照有效期在2年6个月以上, 可申请2年多次往返签证5。 

** To apply 90 days or longer stay time, please fill a reason at section 3.7 of  the "Visa Application Form of the People's Republic of China" (Form v.2013)*


Service Fees for China Visa / Chinese Visa:

Service Type (Total Processing Time) Consulate Fee (per person)
Our Service Fee Special Price (per person) Returning Shipping (per package, ONLY charge ONCE)1 Estimated Total Amount2
Regular (6-10 business days) $140 $59 Now $39 $20 $199
Express (4-5 business days)3 $160 $89 Now $69 $20 $249
Rush (2-3 business days)3 $160 $119 Now $99 $35 $294

Emergency Next Day*

(24 hour)3

$170 $159 Now $139 $35 $344


$170 $199 Now $179  $35 $384

 *24 hour China visa or SAME DAY China visa must call before mailing out your application to us!

You can pay by credit card (VISA, MASTER CARD or DISCOVER), or make ONE(1) Money Order/Cashier Check/Company check with a total, payable to "Wooee Visa". 

Please put payment infomation on order form, and ensure your payment is in full of amount, otherwise your case may be delayed.



  1. Return Shipping is charged ONLY once (per package), no matter how many passports inside. Fedex regular 2-3 days: $20 (USPS EXPRESS may be used for Saturday delivery). FedEx standard overnight: $35. 
  2. The total amount here is for 1 applicant with regular return shipping rate. Rates may vary due to the number and applicants and return shipping method.  
  3. For Expedite China Visa Services: EXPRESS 4-5 DAYS China Visa, RUSH 2-3 DAYS China Visa, or 24 HOUR China visa:
  • At the moment you Overnight your complete application, if you have 12 calendar days before your departure date, please use Express Service (4-5 days).
  • At the moment you Overnight your complete application, if you have 8 calendar days before your departure date, please use Rush Service (2-3 days).
  • At the moment you Overnight your complete application, if you have 5 calendar days before your departure date, please use Emergency Next Day service (24 hour). 
  • Please ensure we receive your package BEFORE 10:30am, Otherwise, a 1-day delay is possible. NO expedite case accepted after 11am in China consulate!
  • Please ensure you have at least 1 blank VISA pages on your passport (The last 3 pages do not count! They are amendment pages and can NOT be used for visa).

4. Same Day China Visa only possible when you have family members under medical issues in China or for other humanitarian reasons!

            please attach a copy of hospital's records or proof.

       5. 对原籍中国 (出生地为大陆、台湾、香港、澳门) 的申请者, 及其非中国出生的配偶和直系血亲子女,或者现在仍是中国公民,但其配偶或直系血亲子女是美国公民的申请者,请注意您的材料准备:

  • 如您寄过来的美国护照上有中国签证,请复印最后一张签证,并和您的申请表等其他材料一同寄来;
  • 如您寄过来的美国护照上没有任何中国签证,且您曾签过中国签证,请附上旧中国签证的复印件
  • 如您是入美籍之后第一次回国,请务必把最后一本中国护照原件(如果您最后一本中国护照的失效日期在您US Passport生效日期之前,请致电咨询,因可能要求其他特殊材料!)寄来,否则使领馆将不予受理签证申请;出生地为港澳的申请人请附上以前港澳ID 的copy;出生地为台湾的申请人请附上以前台湾护照或台湾出生证的copy
  • 如您是入美籍之后第一次回国,从未办过中国签证,亦没有中国护照原件,或者曾签过中国签证,但不在即将寄来的护照上,而且找不到旧签证复印件,请去使领馆面签。

        6. 原籍/现籍中国人的非中国出生的美籍配偶或子女,除以上材料外,还需准备:

  • 配偶需结婚证复印件 + 原籍/ 现籍中国人配偶的:美国护照照片页复印件 或 中国护照照片页复印件及其在美绿卡,签证,或I20等复印件;
  • 子女需出生证复印件 + 父母(双方)的美国护照照片页复印件 或 中国护照照片页复印件及其在美绿卡,签证,或I20等复印件;
  • 如原籍/现籍中国人现护照上的名字和结婚证或出生证上名字不完全一致的,请附上更名纸的复印件


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