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Document Authentication

The China Consulate authenticate documents which are executed in the United States and will be used in China.

It concludes two parts:
1. Civil documents ($25 per case consulate fee):
e.g. power of attorney (委托书) for personal use, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, single status, diplomas, adoption application papers, etc.

2. Property or Commercial documents ($50 per case consulate fee):
e.g. power of attorney (委托书) for business use, company articles and amendments, labor agreement, inheritance, property transfer, business licenses, etc.

Steps:Documents must be:
Step I. Notarized by a notary public in which the document is commissioned.
            This step may be omitted if the Secretaries of State will certify it directly.
Step II. Certified by the Secretary of the State in which the document is executed (Authentication Offices Contact Information).

Step III. Ship the documents on the following check list to our office to get Certified by the Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate:

  1. The original documents authenticated by the Secretaries of State (Authentication Offices Contact Information).
  2. A copy of every pages of the original documents authenticated by the Secretaries of State. Please do NOT unstaple the original document to avoid invalidation!
  3. One Authentication Application Form (G1).
  4. A copy of the applicant's passport.
  5. For business/corporate/commercial documents authentication, a copy of the company's legal person's passport or driver license is required.
  6. For business/corporate/commercial documents authentication, a copy of the company's article is required.
  7. Order form.

Our shipping address is:

Wooee Visa
3730 Kirby Dr. suite 1200
Houston, TX 77098



Step III Chinese Consulate Document Authentication Fee1:

Service Type Civil Documents (Consulate Fee) Property or Commercial Documents
(Consulate Fee)
Services Fee2


6-10 business days 

$25 $50 $75


4-5 business days

$45 $70 $95


2-3 business days

$55 $80 $135



$55 $80 $175


(please call before mail!)

$55 * $200

* Authentication of property related or commercial documents may NOT have same day service. 

1. The Total fee is the Consulate Fee + Services Fee + Return Shipping Fee (Fedex regular 2-3 days $20, Fedex standard overnight $35, Click here for more info).

2. If there are more than 1 documents from the same applicant, from the 2nd:

$50 each service fee for Regular Processing

$70 each service fee for Express processing

$80 each service fee for Rush or Emergency processing

3. We need to receive your complete application by 10:30am for expedite submission


If needed, we can also help you for the first 2 steps:

Step I Public Notary: $7 per stamp

Step II Authentication at Secretary of States (Authentication Offices Contact Information): $60 service fee + $20*2 for regular shipping or $35*2 for overnight shipping  + government fee ( from $10 to $25 depending on States)

For personal use documents, if you need us to compose paper work, please call to quoto: generally, true copy type of paper work $30-$50; Power's of Attorney type of paper work $100. 



第一步:请将文件在公证员处签字,经公证处公证(notary public);

第二步:去本州州务卿那儿认证(the Secretaries of State);

第三步:将州务卿认证过的文件原件每一页的复印件,以及申请人护照的复印件,公司文件需含公司所有人(owner)护照的复印件公司article的复印件,一张申请表(G1),一张Order form等材料寄到如下地址,以在中国驻美国使领馆办理文件认证:

Wooee Visa
3730 Kirby Dr. suite 1200
Houston, TX 77098


因为各州情况不同,有的需先公正再认证,有的不需要,具体情况请致电咨询或询问本地州务卿(the Secretaries of State)。
[我需要本地州务卿the Secretaries of State的联系方式]


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